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Benefits of Copyright

Copyright ensures certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations, thereby protecting and rewarding creativity. Creativity being the keystone of progress, no civilized society can afford to ignore the basic requirement of encouraging the same. Economic and social development of a society is dependent on creativity. The protection provided by copyright to the efforts of writers, artists, designers, dramatists, musicians, architects and producers of sound recordings, cinematograph films and computer software, creates an atmosphere conducive to creativity, which induces them to create more and motivates others to create.


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Is copyright assignable?
The owner of the copyright may assign the copyright to another person partially or wholly or with some limitations. If anyone knowingly tries to infringe the copyrights work, it will be treated as the criminal offense under section 63 of the copyright act. In the case of first infringement, the criminal may be imprisoned for 6 months with a penalty of Rs. 50,000/-. If it continues by the criminal, he may be held liable for the fine of Rs. one lake with a minimum imprisonment of one year.

Who can apply for the copyright registration?
Any author, creator, musician, photographer, producer, painter, composer, or a company may safeguards their creatives with using this legal power.

Documents required filing application for registration of copyrights?
Though it is not obligatory to copyright the performance done by the owner, yet he may safeguard his efforts for future by filing an application for copyright registration. To file an application for registration of copyright, an applicant must attach:

  • Four copies of the artwork
  • Applicants details of name, address and nationality proof
  • Nature of interest of the work of the applicants
  • Work title
  • Authors details and death certificate in case of the death of the author
  • First Publication date, place, publishers name, etc.
  • NOC from the trademarks registry
  • Power of attorney on Indian stamps paper

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